Jan Terry’s Story

IMG_6961 copyFor more than 30 years, Jan Terry, has maintained a successful and rewarding career in the communications industry. Her experience in both national and international markets with impressive corporate clients, has provided her with a wealth of knowledge, resources and capabilities. As a senior partner in leading communications firms and various boards of directors, her expertise was directed toward strategic planning skills that lead to impressive business turnarounds. Her main responsibility was “branding” clients, their company and their products. Jan holds university degrees in Sociology that have assisted her and has contributed to her success with the study of human behavior and the patterns that emerge.  Jan has also been a professor at various universities in Toronto, Ontario.  Her areas of teaching were marketing and advertising, and strategic planning. She is the owner/president of her advertising agency and life coaching company for over 18 years.

Her point of difference is rooted in reality, working and having the experience to bring you to your full potential.  You will achieve clarify and success in your life while working with Jan. She works with individuals, couples, groups, professionals and businesses. Her areas of coaching, to name several but not a complete list are: Fears, Relationships, Leadership, Divorce, Career planning/change, Goal setting, Stress, Self-Confidence, Loss of a Significant other, Communication problems, Retirement, Motivation, Loneliness, Accountability, Procrastination, Business Management, Professional and Personal issues.  Her specialities are Dating And Relationships, and Career Development and Job Change.

Jan’s dream to become a life coach started when the lives of her family and herself changed forever in 10 seconds.  They were hit by a drunken driver that placed her husband in the hospital for over a year with continuous operations that left him as a quadriplegic for the remainder of his life.  She was his caregiver for 4 years until he passed away.  It is a daunting task to take care of someone who can’t feed himself as well being totally dependent on another individual for his entire daily routine.  She knew during those years that she wanted to pass her knowledge along and help people face the challenges life brings through life coaching.  She wants people to be successful and work with people to bring clarity and balance; to go forward being happy in life.

She will guide you through the process for you to know who you are. Through “branding” of yourself, she will help you find the real you, and get you on your road to success.

“Jan Terry’s past, extensive business experiences in life, combined with her love of personal growth, gives her an edge in helping each and everyone of her life coaching clients.” David Essel, Founder, Life Coach Universe and Team David                   Division of Brockden Group International